Brief introduction:

Dongzhimen Hospital of BeijingUniversity of Chinese Medicine was founded in 1958. It is a large-scale generalhospital of TCM which integrates medicals service, teaching and scientificresearches. As the First Clinical Medical College of Beijing University ofChinese Medicine -- the only university of Chinese medicine admitted to thenation's “211” project -- it took the lead to be one of the NationalDemonstration TCM Universities, "Grade III-A hospitals"of TCM, as well as the clinical drug trial institutions acknowledged bythe  State Food and Drug Administration. DongzhimenHospital is a designated medical insurance hospital  in Beijing, a designated hospital for theMinistry of Civil Affairs' “Plan for Tomorrow” project to help the childrenwith cerebral palsy recover from operations and “Light the hope in heart” projectto treat patients with congenital heart diseases. In 2010, the hospital becamethe contracted unit for strategic cooperation and the constructiondemonstration base of the “national pilot area for general reform of TCM”project. On August 6th,2011,the former Tongzhou TCM Hospital was amalgamatedwith our hospital and was officially named the eastern area of Dongzhimen Hospitalof Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. We pioneered establishing our branch-- TCM Klinik Kotzting in Germany in 1911 whichwas recorded in the history of the diplomatic activities between China andGermany. In addition, this branch played an important role in international TCMcommunication.

 Dongzhimen Hospital currently have two areas (thecentral area and the eastern area). There are 862 hospital beds available (574in central area and 446 in eastern area). In 2011 there are over 1,457,000patients coming for outpatient service and 14550 are hospitalized. In addition,two more practice places were opened respectively in Taijichang No.3 and DongsiNorth Street No.279(will be opened soon).

 We always insist on the tenet of “patientsfirst, service first”,and stick to the strategic guideline of ”marked byuniqueness,empowered by brains, strengthened  by technology and shaped by culture”.We takethe lead in the area of TCM all the time and try our best to contribute more tothe development of TCM and the health care of civilians.

Hospital Tenet:patients first, service first

Management Philosophy:Solve the problems; Progress with harmony; Stress our features; Be the best.

One Aim:On the basis of cultural construction, We aim at creating a new pattern for thedevelopment of clinical medicine hospital while combining medical science withhumanity. We will endeavor to make Dongzhimen Hospital one of the first-classhospitals in China, and a well-known one internationally in the continualprocess of development and progress.

Two Centerspatient-centeredand staff-centered.

Three Benefits: benefit the patients, staff andthe hospital.

Four Upholdings: stick to show our features,stickto make overall plans and take all the factors into consideration,stick toadjust our measures to local conditions,and stick to make progress.

Five Emphases On: security, reputation, service, corporationand innovation.

Harmonyin Six Fields: politics, working, distribution, culture, interpersonal and theenvironment.

Treatment Principle: enhance the security,improve thequality, advance with the times and strengthen outward development.

Development Guideline: marked byuniqueness,empowered by brains, strengthened by technology and shaped byculture.


Looking back, DongzhimenHospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine has improved  steadily in every aspects. Our industry statushave been strengthened and our impacts on the society has expanded. Lookingahead, our hospital will firmly insist on the coordinated development ofmedicine, teaching and researching. At the meantime, we will endeavor to reacha top-ranking management, service and technique. Moreover, we will highlightthe features and  advantages of Chinese medicineas well as motivating the development of the academic work.  With every effort we will make, the hospitalis to become an open, research-based, international and the best TCM hospitalin the country.

Dongzhimen Hospital ofBeijing University of Chinese Medicine is located in the capital of China, Beijing.With the aid of the healthcare reform and the popularized development of inChinese medicine, as well as the spirit of "subtleness, integrity,innovation, improvement", we are expecting to cooperate with more and morecolleagues, and to enhance the communication between us.  

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